Q: Do you offer financing?


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes. I have a 10% off Winter Discount for interior work scheduled between November and February. I also have a 5% Return Customer discount. Every so often, there will be coupons in the Mason County Journal.

Q: What could I do to lower the price?

A: There are a number of possibilities available to you. I have a Painter-for-a-Day program that offers 8 hours of professional painting for any painting projects you can come up with. I also offer Options, where I break down your job into bite-sized chunks to be worked on a piece at a time, as you can afford it. In the exterior world, we can put together a long-term Maintenance Plan for your house that doesn't require you to put out a large sum of money all at once, and would preserve the beauty and protective qualities of the paint as and where needed. There may also be various discounts available to you.

Q: Will it cut cost if I help you paint?

A: As a general rule, I like to do all the work. In my experience, there are few non-professionals who are able to produce a professional level product, and I have had to fix the work that was meant to help me, more often than not, costing me time and money. So, usually, no. It would either raise the cost, or void the warranty. But it doesn't hurt to ask in person.

Q: What kind of paint do you use?

A: For general painting, like siding and trim, or interior walls, I use either the top tier or second tier quality paint of mostly Kelly-Moore or Sherwin Williams, unless the characteristics of a lower grade would be better for the particular needs of the project. It doesn't cost that much more, and you save money in the long run. Of course, if you have a product you'd like me to use, who am I to argue?

For special items, like decks, fences, interior trim and cabinets, it often depends on what state the substrate is in. But, again, I don't skimp on quality.

Q: Can you match colors?

A: If you can provide me with a sample of a color about 2"X2", I can take that to the paint store, and they can match it. Some places do better than others, and I will only take it to the best.

Q: How do you deal with going over budget, or over time?

A: Idon't give estimates; I give proposals. This means that the price at the bottom of the page is the price that you pay (unless there is a change order). If I go over budget, it's on me. I make it a point not to give specific completion times at the beginning of a job, but I am motivated to finish quickly and I will stay in daily communication with you about job progress.

The only thing that will affect the agreed-upon price is a change order that you request.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: I warranty all workmanship for two years.

Q: Do you ask for a deposit?

A: On most jobs, I don't ask for a deposit, and you pay when you are satisfied with the work. Larger jobs may require me to work something out with you so that I can pay for the materials and labor to finish the job.

Q: How do you handle your mistakes?

A: For workmanship issues, like holidays or over-spray: To the best of my ability, I won't leave mistakes unfixed. If, however, you find something I've missed, I am glad to fix it for free and in good time. I want you to be fully satisfied.

For bigger mistakes, like damage to property: Though, for some mysterious reason, the state does not allow me to advertise that I am bonded and insured, I do fully conform to their requirements to be so, in the unlikely event that there be any damage to your property. A copy of my policy can be produced upon request. I want you to be protected.

Q: How many people will be at my house?

A: One.

Q: What is your plan for protecting my things?

A: My goal is to leave no trace except a beautiful paint job. To that end, I use full-coverage drop cloths and tight masking, don't spray in high wind, make sure cars are a safe distance away or covered, and make sure plants are covered with cloth. Inside, again, full-coverage drop cloths and tight masking. I move furniture with furniture sliders to protect both the furniture and your flooring material. Need more information? Please call me; I'll be happy to explain.

Q: Will you or your crew be smoking in or around my house?

A: I am the crew, and I do not smoke, nor do I use any sort of drug. I don't even drink coffee. But chocolate-chip cookies are my kryptonite.